Training your mind to believe that something new will be a good experience is a resilience skill.


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Predict a good experience of something new

           Planning Skills

  • Use a planner to write down EVERYTHING - your classes, assignments, social plans and appointments.

  • Create a calendar – write down what you want to happen each week at the beginning and make sure what is important to happens.

  • Stick to your plans. Have a rule: if you write it down, get it done. That way, your planner is an actual guide to what you will be doing rather than what you should have done

          College Work Skills

  • Work out your most productive time. For some , it’s in the early morning before breakfast; for others, mid-afternoon, or late at night. Find when you get the most work done and try and schedule that time for study.

  • Use the days-before-it’s-due system and mark the day an assignment is due and then two days ahead and then three to five days ahead. That way, you will always see assignments coming and won’t ever be surprised with 'oh no it’s due tomorrow’

  • Set your own deadlines. If you have two assignments due on the same day, commit to finish one of them on a different date; for example, a week or three days before it’s due. This will mean that you have to get started earlier, but it also means you will not have to scramble to finish all your work at the same time when your actual due dates come around.

  • Have a system for taking notes and stick to it. It will make it easier to review notes later on.

  • Use a timer. Work in bursts of time. Pick an amount of time that works for you. Using a timer will keep you accountable and focused


             Life planning 

  • Use the 8/8/8 method for balancing your life. Try to sleep for eight hours a day, spend eight working, and eight hours for the rest of your life – time with friends, eating, etc.

  • Schedule chores – everyone has some chores to do so stick those in your planner too. Laundry becomes very important and urgent when you haven’t got any clean clothes!

  •  Keep to-do lists to help you stay on-track and include stuff like speak to tutor; book a doctor’s appointment; buy more socks.

  • Leave time to pack your bag so you have the headspace to think about what you need for the day ahead.

  • Spend 5 minutes a day cleaning. It is amazing what you can do in five minutes a day and avoid chaos.

  • Keep a white board and write up reminders to yourself.


           Online organisation

  • Practice ‘Digital Discipline’ which means don’t let your digital life crowd out the important stuff.

  • Cut out the multi tasking as it just means ‘partial attention and put your tech away and ignore it when you have decided to do something important or urgent. 

  • Use the Self Control app, or actual self-control, to limit time spent on websites. 

  • Disconnect from the internet for a few hours a day. Unplugging is a healthy way to curb stress and keep yourself from wasting too much time on the internet

  • Use flags on important emails so you don't miss what matters. 


​And finally ... Go easy on yourself. No one is perfect, and it can be incredibly difficult to stay on top of everything in your life. Do your best, but remember if you mess up that it is okay to make mistakes. All that matters is that you are trying.