Smart Moves


for Staff

Safeguarding & Creating a safe space 

Safeguarding After having participated in Smart Moves lessons, young people may be more likely to make a disclosure in relation to their own experiences. Please make sure you are aware of the Safeguarding procedures at your college and how you might take any concerns forward. Signposting Be prepared and organised to signpost vulnerable pupils to appropriate support. We encourage teachers to signpost to support in every Smart Moves session. Please highlight where pupils can access support particularly in the sessions that cover, problem solving (for those with problems that they feel they can’t solve); Worry (for those pupils with lots of worries); friendship (for those pupils who have ongoing disagreements); Emotions (for those who are struggling to manage intense or negative emotions).

How does it work?


Using the Resilience Framework we have organised Smart Moves into a series of ‘Steps to Resilience’ which can be covered according to your own college's needs

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